Gravity’s Rainbow Tapes is a label for tape releases based in Berlin.

Founded as a tribute to Thomas Pynchon by soundartist Thomas Radam known as Tell Brak Continuum,  it’s focus lies on releasing documents of non-music defined as all forms of non-traditional development processes. The label’s debut GRT 1 appeared in summer 2014: a split release incorporating Tell Brak Continuum’s and Steinbeisz’s live performance during the Dresden based concert series Grenzerfahrung Alltagsrauschen in 2013. In early 2015 Thomas Radam’s and Berlin based soundartist Benjamin Duester’s paths coincidentally crossed. After a session together they realised their shared passion for the same kind of sounds and decided to join forces to expedite the project together.

All Gravity’s Rainbow Tapes releases are based on devotion to the medium and subject. They come in small amounts to garantuee a high standard of D.I.Y. quality.