Paintings g-i of the artwork for the GRT 3 tape by Benjamin Düster.

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First Mung (멍) Performance at Noiseberg #16

Mung live at Noiseberg#16


Thomas and Ben will be performing their first show as a duo with the name Mung (멍)  at Noiseberg #16 on sunday the 4th october. They will be sharing the stage with Martin Lau. Checkout Noisebergs Facebook page and their website for a full schedule.

Mung (멍) + Martin Lau at Noiseberg #16

4th october 2015 18:00pm

Oppelner Straße 12, 10997 Berlin


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GRT 3: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (More Black Then God)

Our third release features one of the most vibrant guitar players of the Berlin Echtzeitmusik scene: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt the creator of the “accidental guitar method”. This tape is compilating a fine selection of classics and some of his latest recordings. Marquardt’s music creates sonic environments ranging from minimalistic steppes over distorted mountains into ambient seas.

This tape is for quality time of contemplation.

“Accidental Guitar” is a holistic and grounded concept that includes three main aspects. The first of these is the creation of sounds and sound worlds by combining the guitar with distortion effects – a type of “routing” or “mapping” technique where the musician does not lose himself, however, but instead works in a deliberate manner with the tools available to him. The second dimension of “Accidental Guitar” is improvisation – an approach that Cooper Marquardt has chosen, systematically rejecting predetermined choreographies and all forms of rehearsal or planning. This applies not only to live performances, but also when making recordings in his studio. Finally, the third dimension to this concept is the specific situation that the musician encounters when playing: the atmosphere and setting, the persons, conditions and moods present in the space in question lead to a contextualisation of his music.”

Edition of 70 tapes.

Each copy comes with a handcrafted j-card consisting of an original cutout from one of 14 individual ink paintings on japanese calligraphy paper and a print of the whole painting.

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